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Al-Falaque Philosophy

Though education is prudent to human but to steer the ship of life is in the hands of another commander, its name is discretion. It is meaningless to get human dignity only from education idea, it is like making gold out of copper in chemistry.

Education can be classified in two categories. One teaches to earn for livelihood and second teaches us how to live life.

Instead of making a social animal, we have to make educated, civilized and religious human being who is obedient to his Creator and is beneficial for rest of creatures of this world. No human being can get ultimate progress without preaching decree of almighty Allah. His intellectual and practical abilities cannot increase without education and practical knowledge. Education provides basis for self reliance which creates atmosphere for self-conscious. If you want to be an intellectual human then it becomes necessary to study and gain knowledge of ancient literature of moral science, as well as modern science and technology books is a must.

We have the responsibility for our children to impart state of the art modern education and professional skill as well languages with true elegant manner and discipline. Etiquette and elegant manner are shield for the people. It is more precious than gold. One is not orphan who lost parents but an orphan is one who is deprived of supervision of learning and elegant manner.

Al-falaque school is established on the basis of these precious rules and principles. We are trying our best that may Almighty Allah flourish our institution in Islamic culture on the standard basis with modern as well as religious blessings and moral jewels with literary taste.

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